Create your own branded crypto apps

With DexKit’s no/low code tools.

With DexKit’s no/low code tools.

What problems exist in the ecosystem and how do we help to solve them?

Lack of accessibility

One of the major problems in the DeFi space is the lack of accessibility for users who may not have technical expertise.

No/low-code tools and solutions

DexKit provides no-code/low-code tools and solutions that make it easy for anyone to create custom crypto applications.

Difficulty establishing a brand

In the DeFi space, establishing a unique brand identity is important but can be challenging.

Crypto Apps made easy

DexKit enables entrepreneurs to easily create their own branded crypto apps, helping them establish their brand identity in the web3 space.

Limited ownership

Web2 app builders are limited to sell designs only on limited places.

NFTs provide creators with ownership

With DexKit’s solutions, app builders can own and sell their creations as NFTs, giving them a wider audience and more flexibility in selling their work.

What is DexKit?

DexKit is a blockchain software company committed to making Decentralized Finance (DeFi) accessible to everyone.

Our suite of no-code/low-code tools and solutions empower entrepreneurs to effortlessly create branded crypto apps in the web3 space while ensuring complete ownership and control over their creations.

At DexKit, we believe that DeFi has the potential to revolutionize the financial industry, and we are dedicated to building this technology.



Empower your crypto app creation and launch your web3 business with guaranteed ownership.


Unlock the potential of your digital art and profit from your creativity selling your creations.

Maximize your NFT sales with a Shopify-like platform for NFT creators.

Easily create your own tokens and NFT collections on the blockchain, and take control of your  assets.

Swap cryptocurrencies smarter and efficiently with real-time prices and optimized gas fees.

Your professional and secure decentralized exchange. No intermediaries, no hassle.

Your crypto companion: Manage and care for your cryptocurrencies and NFTs with ease.

At DexKit, we believe in certain values that shape everything we do in the DeFi world.

Web3 Accessibility



Customization and flexibility

Ease and efficiency

Resource saving

Making DeFi accessible.