2022: Our thoughts about such hard but productive year

Definitely 2022 was a year that many would like to erase from the history of their lives. Global events have strongly shaken the financial markets to the point of bankrupting projects that seemed strong and unshakable.

Being part of this highly competitive industry it is impossible not to feel fear and uncertainty given such conditions in which it is not known who will be the next big one to fall. Sadly, with the slip of a large project there are always other small ones that fall along with it, dragging with them payrolls of hundreds of people who, without further ado, dedicated their time and effort to sustain a house of cards.

We have survived the worst economic events during this year, and we have done so thanks to a community that supports us and encourages us to continue developing new solutions and improving our current products. They were visual witnesses of everything we have created and improved during our journey to today’s sun, that we dedicate extra efforts in order to improve our stellar product.

Nor can we cover the sun with one finger and say that everything is perfect and that we have tens of thousands of users testing our products and services, because why would we deceive you? We are a small project within a large ecosystem made up of other large projects with many employees and executors. We recognize our small business reality, and we focus on creating mission-oriented products. We are not looking for fierce competition, but rather healthy competition that helps everyone grow and gives credit to those who deserve it.

2023 promises to be a good year for the crypto ecosystem in general given the number of products that have been developed in the last two years, adding the important ingredient called resilience that has been created with the economic debacles, decentralized protocols hacks and even the fall of FTX together with other subsidiaries. From a whole set of damages that can be caused to an ecosystem that refuses to suffer, an opposite effect is generated that helps it heal and fortify itself through adoption created with innovative ideas.

As far as DexKit is concerned, it’s already two and a half years doing much more than building a project: we’ve helped our community not only learn about decentralized finance, but we’ve distributed wealth to our most loyal members by following our roadmap as set during the year 2020, Genesis of the project and we will keep doing the same during 2023.

This new year we wish that your most cherished dreams come true and that union always prevails within your beloved ones.

DexKit Core team.

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