Announcement about Coin League future

Coin League is headed to support USDT as main currency for playing (been in beta testing several weeks already), in this article we will be explaining next steps on Coin League, current state and future.

Coin League was created at the request of the Bitboy team and DexKit as the tech company to do it, Bitboy now decided that it is out and no longer interested in developing further the project. We at DexKit tried during Q2 to get any answer from him because it was supposed on this period to BitBoy kick of marketing as was explained on Coin League roadmap; always the answer was “you need to wait” and they are planned to do it, so we at DexKit moved further with development as recent updates show, even in bear market we keep building. Bitboy decided to airdrop a Bitboy Land share NTF for the Coin League NFT owners. Coin League game will continue to be supported on but now with USDT as currency.

What’s next for the NFT Coin League Champions collections?

NFT Coin League Champions collection will be discontinued and removed from the game. We will mark it as not supported on OpenSea, and all assets and servers associated with it will be shut down.

Bitboy team received 50% of NFT sales and 50% of the first game revenue and as well 1000 NFT’s to airdrop to other communities not related with the game: 16,7% DexKit dev team, 32% the other team members of Coin League and were supposed to coordinate marketing (for a round 82% collection ownership) and from this, the NFT designer was paid as well. The collection has ownership associated with the Bitboy team, so we don’t have control of the collection as well.

We at DexKit requested the 50% of Bitboy funds from NFT sales to keep up the use case of revenue share distribution for the ones that bought the NFT, they decided to not return it because they spent it already and we unfortunately need to drop this use case. This use case was added as requested by the Bitboy team; if we don’t have the funds that made us include this on the collection, there is no sense in keeping it if the team that requested it isn’t interested anymore. If they decide to change and return funds, we will airdrop 1 NFT revenue share collection with governance powers as well with max supply of 2,000 on Polygon Network for each one bought NFT. In turn, the Bitboy team decided to airdrop 1 NFT Bitboy land share for each of the bought NFT’s (id higher than 1,000).

Coin League Champions NFT collection will be replaced by a new collection with more bodies and gamification features based on more wins = more experience the NFT will gather. This experience will unlock raffles and traits to customize the user’s gaming Avatar. This collection is intended for the game player to have and it will have associated low cost. A marketplace dedicated to it will be built to empower all NFT’s owners.

What ‘s next?

DexKit is taking over all Coin League game assets: we spent lots of resources building it that weren’t covered by the NFT sales and we will airdrop one NFT of the new collection to all buyers from the past one. We know who minted their Champion NFT waiting for get some revenues and we will honor that.

We are building a Predictions HUB that we intend to be a happy place for people to learn about crypto, playing, in the essence of Play to (L)Earn, a pioneer gaming concept with fairness as premise.

The Predictions HUB will be fulfilled with more games and it will be called Coinlympia, being inside this HUB: Coin League, NFT League and Squid League. We expect this project to get big traction with our upcoming developments.

We will promote the USDT launch game with a prize of up to 250 USDT (each 10 players we will top up 50 USDT) for a monthly game (and yeah, we are adding big monthly games now).

We would like to thank Bitboy for the collaborations so far that we had. DexKit has no collaborations from now on with him, we will keep building on this bear market, and hope the community will help us grow further.

If you are not happy with this news, and want to discuss further or have ideas, please join our Discord. We are happy to get you on there.

Do you want to collaborate with DexKit GameFi part?

Game generates 10% on each played game to the treasury. From this value, we pay maintenance costs like hosting and development maintenance. From the remaining profit, 50% is attributed to DexKit holders and 50% remains without attribution. We plan to allocate 50% of this value to community building and growth.

If you want to grow the project and get this part to grow the community, talk with us at DexKit. We want GameFi to run in a decentralized fashion and have a passionate community of prediction gamers and traders. We will create a page inside DexKit’s app to show all income flows to easily check how much the game is generating in total for each sponsor, like you.

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