DexKit received a generous grant to keep building DeFi tools 💰

DexKit + 0x

Because it is never too late for good news, full of pride and emotion, we are pleased to announce one of the many achievements that our Head Developer, João Campos, has just completed by obtaining a juicy $50k USD grant from 0x DAO, to continue building our technologies in a satisfactory way, oriented to general use and with powerful features, worthy of our project.

João, together with other DexKit’s developers and beta testers, will build an open source marketplace easily deployable by anyone based on the new generation of 0x contracts (v4) using powerful tools such as Trader SDK, Material UI framework, Next JS among others.

Multi-network support

It will originally be deployed on the Polygon, Ethereum, Binance Chain, Avalanche, CELO, Fanton and Optimism blockchains since these networks are currently the ones that are compatible with the 0x v4 contracts, so as other networks implement this system, the market will be able to support them too).

Wallet included for tokens and NFTs

In order to create a fully customizable management tool, the new wallet will have as its main feature the import of tokens and NFT collections for artists in the entrepreneurial phase. They deserve to enjoy state-of-the-art DeFi tools to be able to successfully sell their products.

Private listings for NFT collections on sale

Via unique invite links users will be able to sale privately their NFT as well as tag them with whatever attributes they like (this is perfect for game creators who need for their game characters and item NFTs).

Native swap exchange

From ERC-20 to ERC-721/ERC-1155 and vice versa.

Easily customizable frontend

In addition to this, artists will have a .config file where they can change the default behavior of the system.

Easy adaptation and compatibility with any server

Documentation will be available so standard users can use the tool without problems.

Optimized for instant and smart deployment

With optimized SEO and fast uploads (all from a distribution cloud), artists will be able to take care of every aspect of their market, including how others find their creations in search engines.

With this great news we invite you to join our Discord server where we are creating an open community for all DeFi lovers.

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