Learn how DexKit helps build the future of DeFi together with its partners ๐Ÿค

Promoting partnerships

At DexKit we not only specialize in designing and developing quality DeFi tools for digital entrepreneurs, but we also contribute to other decentralized projects, thus ensuring a voice within the crypto community which today has grown exponentially during our two years of traction. This article describes a little about how we have helped โ€“ and help โ€“ other projects with greater exposure.

We are good friends of 0xDAO community and 0x project.

Our lead developer, Joรฃo Campos, is a respected member of the 0xDAO community, a place he earned due to his contributions to the 0x ecosystem beyond creating DexKit as a personal project.

Joรฃo has recently contributed to developing the NFT trading functionality within the 0x Protocol, making possible NFT direct trading without using ERC20 tokens. Itโ€™s also necessary to mention that this is the first fully-functional NFT trading solution using 0x v4 contracts.

Read here about our NFT market creation wizard and how you can deploy yours for free.

We received contributions from Polygon Studios too ๐Ÿ˜Ž

In our incessant search for new alliances with solid projects that provide confidence to our community, promising investors and creators, our path crossed with Polygon Studios organization, who represent the fundamental base of Polygon (project born due to the need to scale Ethereum).

Polygon Studios has provided us with economic advances and mentorship that have undoubtedly helped us to trace a solid route, accompanied by our community that grows more every day thanks to the tools we have developed. 

About a year ago we entered the world of blockchain gaming with Coin League as a pioneer game (whose code we keep open), in order to improve our dApp development skills and, in turn, create what would be the foundation stone of a HUB of predictions with other games that are already being developed today.

To be effective in delivering prices in real time, without manipulation or crashes, we set out to use Chainlink, the most efficient and popular decentralized Oracle service on the planet. So we managed to give our players that sense of security that only games hosted on the blockchain can give.

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In addition to providing us with great products for our developments, Chainlink has opened the doors of its team of developers and Business Developer specialists, who have also helped us with mentoring on the creation and operation of startups like ours. Without a doubt, finding Chainlink has been a blessing for us.

We do not forget the emerging projects ๐Ÿ™‹โ€โ™‚๏ธ

We also know that during the scaling phase of Ethereum, in which network fees became unsustainable for the majority and bottlenecks began to be present, other networks compatible with ZeroEx were born out of this need. These networks have even been so successful that Vitalik Buterin, Ethereumโ€™s co-founder recognizes them as skilled competitors, not to mention the large communities they amass and the valuable partnerships they have.

These projects are Avalanche, Fantom, Optimism and Arbitrum, which along with Ethereum, Binance Chain and Polygon have to be added to our checklist. We are currently progressively adapting our products to such networks while creating other products on demand.

We thought that it would not be a bad idea to also build within the Bitcoin network, but we have not yet found the traction we are looking for. Do you like the idea? Please let us know on any of our social networks (yes, we read them all). If you think we should consider another network to add, let us know as well and we’ll discuss it with our community.

At DexKit we believe in true and sincere collaboration to achieve all our goals by helping others achieve theirs, so our mailboxes are always open for nice projects aiming to build by our side.

As always, thanks for reading and we invite you to join our fam ๐Ÿค—

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