SuperApp 📱 v0.0.6.23: Meet the 🆕 integrations

DexKit and OKC

Thinking of suitable integrations for the products to attract new market segments that clamor for easy-to-use, open source and free tools, as well as honoring DexKit’s main objective: to empower crypto entrepreneurs with the most effective DeFi products, there are some native networks in the SuperApp for three emerging blockchains with promising future.

The SuperApp is one of the most powerful tools made by DexKit. It contains all the tools that any user needs for daily use: token swap, exchange, buy and manage crypto assets on several 0x-compatible blockchains (Ethereum, Binance Chain and Polygon), trading analysis, protocol explorer and dozens of functions.

Full compatibility with every modern mobile browser, without download anything.

Let’s talk about those new additions, shall we? 🌝

OKC blockchain: stellar integration incoming

DexKit has decided to provide hours of development to integrate the OKC chain within the SuperApp , giving holders in that network the chance of managing their crypto assets in the most lightweight and smart DeFi dashboard.

We share a lot of goals with OKC: security, smart contracts development and builders instinct ⛏️

OKC implementation represents the beginning of the relationship between the two projects because it is expected that DexKit prediction games will also be available within that network.

This full integration may take some days due all new services that DexKit developers needs to change / test before production, but users can enjoy right now OKC chain ERC20 token management from the SuperApp.

DexKit expects from OKC an crossed advertising campaign in which the project will be presented to the OKC community on various social platforms, seeking to position the brand in the Asian markets.

Avalanche and Fantom networks are now integrating the SuperApp

Numbers don’t lie and DexKit, aware of the need for quality DeFi products for users of those EVM networks, has added the efficient Avalanche and the versatile Fantom blockchains as native ones inside the platform.

As can be seen from the volume chart for DexKit products, Avalanche and Fantom networks have found a home for day trading in DSWAP.

Maximum compatibility with the networks above. Users can add custom networks manually too.

At DexKit we are optimistic with each integration that we adopt. We invite you to become part of our family so that we can grow together as crypto lovers and early birds.

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