We’re giving away three Axie Infinity NFTs 🖼 to one person! (No purchase required)

Axie Giveaway #1

UPDATE: This contest was extended one month more starting June 13nd to July 12nd, 2022.

The winner was randomly selected on July 19th, 2022. Results can be seen here.

As a reason for the SuperApp version 2, which includes radical changes from the interface to basic daily operations (as we stated here), we have decided to give our community the chance of obtaining an Axie Infinity battle team completely free!

We know that this game has captivated millions of people of all ages and that is why we have arranged three NFT copies to form an initial battle team.

The winner can start fighting and earn daily SLP tokens on their platform since day one!

You will got these guys in case win! Good luck! 🥳

The winner will be chosen randomly taking into account the number of points that he manages to collect in this form at the rate of one (01) point = one (01) entry.

For example, if you accumulate five (05) points in the tasks, five entries will be generated for you in the final draw.

This draw will be held on the project’s Discord server on Sunday, June 12 of this year with random.org number generator, also we will broadcast on DexKit’s YouTube channel, so make you sure you’re subscribed.

All the tasks and bases of the contest are in the form, but if you have doubts about it, you can write to us on Discord or Telegram. There is always someone from the team on guard.

We wish you the best of lucks! Remember, the more you do, the more chances you have to earn!

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