SuperApp 📱 v0.0.6.19 is here with a lot of features! 🥳

Thinking of those users who want to undertake in the world of decentralized finance but do not have the technical knowledge, DexKit developed technologies aimed at easy use and now with universal compatibility. Users can deploy these tools (the aggregator and the NFT custom marketplace) and start their decentralized projects in a simple way, in record time, without the need to hire professionals.

Suppose you are a digital entrepreneur looking to earn passive cryptocurrencies with a little investment. You can install DSWAP (DEX aggregator «on steroids») on your website and earn cryptocurrency every time a person makes a swap there. This swap platform is based on the popular open source Uniswap, but it works better than it. The DSWAP DEX aggregator shows, in real time, the best price for the client’s exchange taking into account more than thirty protocols (including Uniswap, Kyber, DODO, Balancer, to name the main ones).

Yon can have your own DEX Aggregator like our friends of SwapMatic (They are doing very well!)

With the latest platform update, users will be able to manage their DEX aggregators even more easily using the wizard, where they can add all the necessary information to deploy it and even customize it to user’s tastes. With this innovation, DexKit puts itself ahead of its competitors in reference to the power of its decentralized tools, the ease of use and the almost imperceptible cost in use.

DexKit solutions are escalating with each update.

Another important additions on the latest SuperApp update

Users can now mint their Kittygotchi NFT pets on the most popular network: Ethereum one. This was made because there is a lot of new integrations that shills the users to show their NFTs, like Twitter pfp in where users can connect their ERC-20 wallets, pick their favorite NFT on property and display it. What a great tool to advertise a NFT collection! 😍

In the same way, DexKit added a lot of new customizations for the kittens (more clothes, eyes, noses…). No more boring and worn-out outfit! Get a new look based in your $KIT holdings.

The more $KIT you save, the more customizations you will unlock.

Thank you for reading! Keep updated with DexKit’s innovations: more to come for this year and you still are an Early Bird.

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