We’re the first project in the whole 🌎 providing this NFT tool 😎

NFT Marketplace

Two years have passed since we embarked on this new adventure, which seems like a very short time but, in the emerging and competitive world of cryptocurrencies, those years represent an eternity that only few projects have the pleasure of enjoying. We have met some of them that were born and died during our transit and others that flourished as if it were a matter of destiny. DexKit has survived the tumult of the economy and that is why we have a duty to continue building amazing tools for you.

Because we keep our word! 🀝 Today we add one more powerful tool to our DeFi Swiss Army Knife.

This time, and as we have announced for several weeks, we are proud to launch a first-rate tool that we are sure will help all visual artists, digital entrepreneurs, freelancers, and even musicians who wish to receive –automatically– earnings for their digital creations minted in NFTs. We are the first project in the world building this Whitelabel tool at the day of the release (today) and pushed on DexKit’s public repo. We aim also to get new developers contributing with us, making this free app stronger and suiting it according to the actual needs. We just built the first fully functional Marketplace based on ZRX (0x) v4 contracts and they gave us a juicy grant to keep this product Open Source.

The sole idea of ​​being able to fill a void that existed in the world of Decentralized Finance was what prompted us to create this tool, which we will talk about a bit in the following lines. Until today, the launch date of this product, there is no similar tool available in the world, can you feel the new car scent? πŸ˜ƒ

NFT Marketplace Wizard features

  • Sell ​​your NFT collections created in the SuperApp immediately, without extra fees. You only pay for the gas network ones.
  • Music NFT full playback compatibility. Sell your beats in your marketplace. We recommend Arpeggi Studios to create your Music NFTs, then you can sell them in your own NFT marketplace.
  • Accept your own ERC 20 token created in the SuperApp to trade your NFTs. The tool has an integrated swap widget that will simplify the process for your clients.
  • Earn fees for every trade inside your NFT marketplace. We recommend 1% as healthy fee practice, but you are free to choose.
  • Use a redirect to your web domain and run your NFT marketplace using your brand. DexKit will take care of hosting your NFT’ marketplace forever until you decide to shut it down yourself. We explained in our documentation how to set your DNS redirection with Cloudflare (right here).

As an artist, what would be the advantages for me of having my NFT marketplace?

A lot, check them below πŸ‘‡

  • Mainly you will be master and lord of your assets, as DeFi has accustomed us, thus minimizing the risk of hacks to third parties that may affect your business.
  • Perfect for those who are creating new monetized communities by being able to control all financial aspects, from trading pairs within the market to the NFTs that are available, whether or not you own them.
  • No more fees/royalties for the marketplaces! DexKit will never charge you for using the free version of the white-label NFT marketplace, either for deploying it or for your NFT sales. Our business model is based on premium subscriptions for this tool.
  • No more market β€œbans”, ToS violations. You’re the sole owner of your marketplace. We won’t censor your freedoms, and we do this not only out of conviction but also because our company is registered in one of the most beautiful and free places on the planet πŸ‡§πŸ‡· where the economic freedoms of the population are respected.

Premium subscription? πŸ‘€ What is this about?

Because there will always be users who want to get the most out of each tool, the premium version of the white label NFT marketplace will have incredible customizations that the free version will not have, such as:

  • Custom fonts
  • Greater offer in color combinations
  • Priority customer support
  • No geographical restrictions
  • Among others that will be revealed later.

This subscription does not yet have a launch date, but it is expected that it will be available to the public in the coming weeks.

The documentation for this product is ready too, so do not hesitate to read it first carefully.

We are reading you on Twitter, Discord and Reddit. We want to know if you liked the tool and what you would change/add in a future. The upcoming iterations will include the most requested features.

Thanks a lot for your patience thru this development journey now in open beta phase! We wish you the best of lucks selling your NFT collections πŸ€πŸ€ž


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