You won’t believe what’s included in the new update for our NFT marketplace builder 🤯

Marketplace Update

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At DexKit we always care about digital entrepreneurs, those who with their creative ideas encourage others to venture into the world of cryptocurrencies. We create tools to empower these entrepreneurs in front of their own digital creations, leaving them a 100% margin in terms of ownership, management and administration of their assets.

This new update of the White Label NFT marketplace includes a myriad of new features such as: greater customizations, bug fixes, greater compatibility with the best EVM networks by usage and, at the moment, we’ve also evolved by including compatibility for ERC 1155 tokens, which has become in an industry standard as they are efficient contracts and that they fulfill other extra functions different from the ERC 721 contracts that developers used to use to deploy their NFT projects.

Today we offer compatibility with basically all NFTs on the market (taking into account enabled networks).

What facilities does the digital entrepreneur have by deploying their NFT Marketplace?

First of all, it is not necessary to design, mint or own NFTs in order to earn some fees when NFTs are sold in your white label marketplace. If as a creator you have listed some Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs, the new and popular reddit NFTs or any other on your own marketplace, if you sell any in your market you will receive the fees that you chose when deploying it.

If you left your marketplace and started charging a 1% fee for NFT sales and you notice that it is very little for the level of effort you have put into creating your marketplace, you can edit this fee to your liking. Keep in mind that if the fees increases a lot, your clients will not buy in your market, so keep a healthy number. We recommend between 1 and 3% fees for the NFT marketplace and ~1% in the trading widget.

About network compatibility

We will progressively add greater compatibility with EVM networks, which are those whose liquidity resides in the very famous 0x network with which we work and create our tools and solutions.

Will it still be Open Source after this update?

Yes! We will keep the code publicly in our Github repo because it is the main purpose of our project: to provide free state-of-the-art software so that people can use and directly enter the decentralized finance market carrying our name and the startup flag.

Will DexKit offer a premium version to the public?

Yes, we’re creating a premium subscription which will have options and features that the free version will not have. We haven’t decided to launch this premium version yet because we’re still on Beta, but we will update our community when we decide to do it.

We keep looking for partners and sponsors to help us improve our open source technologies in order to continue providing these simple and effective solutions to entrepreneurs.

Learn more about the new updates:

  • Greater ease when deploying the market: you only need to use an email address; With this little data you can start the wizard that will bring you other options to fill out.
  • Greater customizations: users will be able to add customizable pages with blocks of text, headers, images, videos, code sections, among other resources. Static header and footer to your NFT marketplace including your social media links are now possible to add as well. 
  • Bug fixes: Being a beta tool we had some small bugs during the production of this product that have been fixed. At the same time, we added greater compatibility with framework libraries, which is why this application is scalable. It will improve over time and with the collaboration of other developers.
  • Free domain for your NFT marketplace: When you deploy your NFT marketplace for the first time, this after filling in all the options, you will have a direct link to your NFT marketplace with your suffix. This will simplify the old task creating a CNAME on a domain to routing it.
  • Media resources hosted on centralized servers: in the previous version of the white-label NFT marketplace you had to use your own links for images. Not anymore.
  • Improved SEO, better load times: Now your marketplace will be indexed by search engines, making it easier to get exposition. Also we’re using React and Next.js last-gen frameworks to make all marketplaces very fast.

We will continue to create amazing DeFi tools no matter bear or bull! 🤓

Furthermore, we didn’t forgot our beloved Coin League game, so we’re working on a massive update which will allow you to play for free (no network fees).

Keep updated! 🧙‍♂️

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